About us

Association (Non-Governmental) Kaunas County Women‘s Crisis Centre (KCWCC) was established in 1999. since 15 th of December acting as Specialised Help Center on behalf of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The purpose of KCWCC

To support women who found themselves in a critical situation irrespective of their age, background, nationality or social status.

The main objectives:

  • Provide complex social, psychological and legal help for women victims of violence and in other crisis situation
  • Supporting human rights defence
  • Combating trafficking in human beings
  • Analysis and research in gender equality sphere
  • Lobying legislation and new legal practice for human rights and gender equality
  • Information, education for specialists, prevention from professional out-burning


  • Prevention
  • Support programs
  • Representation and protection of women’s rights
  • Project activities


We work in the field of preventing violence against the women, human trafficking, organize and participate in various human right action.

Support programmes

Individual assistance of:

  • a social worker;
  • a psychologist;
  • a psychiatrist;
  • a lawyer.

Collective help:

  • Group of a mutual assistance;
  • Psychological/physical women’s self – defence.

Representation and protection of women’s rights

We organize and take part in:

Conferences and seminars with participation of the Parliament and Government representatives, as well as, Lithuanian and foreign women’s organizations.

Project activities

KCWCC is a non-profit organization and search of funding to support the activities is its responsibility. KCWCC takes part in various proposals, designs the projects, participates in competitions, and much more.